About us

Cash2VN was launched in 2015 as crypto remittance service for Vietnam as a sub-brand of BitcoinVN, Vietnam’s oldest Bitcoin exchange (established in 2013/14).

The founding team consists of a mixed team of local Vietnamese and German expats which have been running the company since its inception several years ago.

Cash2VN aims to play its part in the money revolution driven by the inception of Bitcoin which makes moving value across borders fast, simple and cost-efficient.

As such the service has gained popularity especially among the digital nomad community in Vietnam as well as for cross-border transactions among the Vietnamese diaspora.

Making money move into Vietnam more frictionlessly will play an important role to increase the competitiveness and prosperity of our home nation in the global economic ranking.

Mission statement

Cash2VN was created with one primary mission: Moving money should not be the painful experience it often is.

Legacy financial institutions telling you when, how, to who and if at all you can move your hard-earned money?

Screw that.

With Cash2VN you can send a remittance to any Vietnamese bank account or via various cash withdrawal options - with a settlement time of hours rather than days and at rates far better than what legacy financial institutions are able to offer.

We don’t even need to know who you are. You specify the amount and name of the recipient - send your crypto of choice - and smooth settlement will occur within hours.

Moving money as seamlessly as it should be in a 21st century, digital and sovereign economy.