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Leveraging the power of digital currencies, you can have any amount of Vietnamese Dong delivered to yourself, your friends, loved ones, family or business partners.

1. Enter transfer details

Enter the amount, a couple of details about the recipient and pick a way of delivering the money like bank transfer or cash pick-up. We recommend creating an account if you plan to send money repeatedly, however it is not required.

Enter transfer details
Pay invoice with crypto

2. Pay invoice with crypto

We will attach an invoice to your money transfer specifying the amount in the cryptocurrency of your choice and an unique payment address.

3. Done

We will work on your transfer as soon as we receive your payment. The recipient will be notified by email about the incoming remittance and receive the money soon.



Transacting with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash is not only fast, but virtually free. Whether you're sending money to friends or cashing out crypto as a digital nomad, Cash2VN is probably the cheapest solution.



Cash2VN is a service of BitcoinVN. We have been playing a central role in the Vietnamese Bitcoin economy for years. You can count on our experience and reputation.



Transfer money to Vietnam from anywhere in the world. We run on peer-to-peer money which allows us to accept your payment from wherever you are at any time.

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