Send money from United States to Vietnam!

You will need some Bitcoin in order to use our service. Here is a list of exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin in your country:


A remittance order will be processed as soon as we receive your Bitcoin payment, if it has been made within our business hours. The Bitcoin technology and currency allows us to act quickly and in a transparent manner. The recipient does not need to know anything about Bitcoin.


By leveraging the advantages of Bitcoin and the API of Bitcoin Vietnam, we can offer a fee as low as $2.00 per remittance. This is significantly cheaper than most (or even all) remittance services available on the regular market.


cash2vn is a service of Bitcoin Viet Nam Co., Ltd., a Vietnamese start-up company enabling thousands of users to securely buy and sell Bitcoin. We are dedicated to build the necessary foundations to bring access to the Bitcoin economy to the Vietnamese market.

What is Bitcoin?