Exchange rates & fees

We do not charge hidden fees. Here you can find all fees and exchange rates we apply to your transactions.

Payment options

Coin Exchange rate
BTC Bitcoin BTC ₫426,258,063
BCH Bitcoin Cash BCH ₫6,645,639
ETH Ethereum ETH ₫13,355,727
LTC Litecoin LTC ₫1,981,287
DASH Dash DASH ₫2,418,570
USDTERC20 Tether (ERC-20) USDTERC20 ₫22,869
USDTSLP Tether (SLP) USDTSLP ₫22,869
DAI Dai Stablecoin DAI ₫22,869
USDC USD Coin USDC ₫22,869

Dec 2, 2020, 3:57:37 AM

Delivery options

Option Fee percentage Fixed fee
Local bank 0% ₫46,200
Cash Pickup, Ho Chi Minh City 0.5% ₫200,000
Cash Pickup, Hanoi 1% ₫500,000
Cash Pickup, Hoi An 0.5% ₫500,000
Mobile top-up * 0% ₫0
  • * Delivered amount determined by mobile operator's exchange rate. We don't know beforehand how much excatly will be credited in local currency.